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How do you care for Garden Roses?


Hydrate the flowers immediately upon receipt.

First, remove all leaves and thorns that will fall beneath the water line with a rose stripper or soft cloth. Cut at least 1 inch from each stem, on an angle, with a clean, sharp knife (** NOT A CLIPPERS **). After processing, place garden roses into clean bucket filled with lukewarm water (100° F - 110° F) mixed with flower food according to package directions. Place somewhere cool and dark for at least two hours before designing with them. Depending on variety, these flowers can begin opening soon after being placed into flower-food solution, but keeping them cool and dark will slow that process. Garden roses are heavy drinkers, so check the water level in their containers every day.

If garden roses become water stressed (premature wilting, bent neck, etc.), submerge the entire stems, up to the blooms, into room-temperature water for 20 minutes, then recut the stems with a sharp knife, removing at least 1 inch of stem.

Most varieties are at least moderately sensitive to ethylene gas therefore keep them away from fruits and vegetables, decaying flowers and foliage and cigarette smoke.

VASE LIFE: The vase life of these luxurious blooms varies from variety to variety, but if properly cared for from farm to vase, they should last from three to seven days. Change the water and flower-food solution and recut stems every other day.