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How do you care for Gladiolus?


Recut stem ends with a sharp knife (**NOT A CLIPPERS **), removing at least 1 inch of stem. Place them into a clean bucket filled with lukewarm water (100° F - 110° F) with flower-food mixed according to package directions. Allow them to hydrate someplace cool and dark for at least two hours before arranging them. Except for design time, keep these flowers cool and dark until the event.

Gladiolus are somewhat ethylene sensitive - it can cause buds to shrivel and prevent them from opening so keep Gladiolus away from fruits and vegetables, decaying flowers and foliage and cigarette smoke.

VASE LIFE: Six to 10 days is the typical vase life depending on variety, care and stage of maturity. Gladiolus are heavy drinkers so check water levels daily. Add flower food per package directions.

BOTANICAL NAMEGladiolus spp. (glad-ee-O-lus)