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How do you care for Peonies?


⇒ Allow between 3 and 5 days for your peonies to bloom!

Remove the rubber band or twist tie around the stems, recut the stems with a sharp knife (** NOT A CLIPPERS **), removing at least 1 inch of stem. If peonies appear wilted or otherwise water stressed, submerge the stems, up to the blooms, in room-temperature water for 20 minutes before processing them.

Immediately after cutting place them into clean buckets half filled with warm water (100° F to 110° F) with flower food per package directions. Place peonies somewhere cool and dark and allow them to hydrate for at least two hours before using them. Depending on variety, peonies can begin opening almost immediately after being placed into flower-food solution, but placing them in a cool, dark location can slow that process.

VASE LIFE: Peonies are heavy drinkers, so check their water level often - refill the vase with water and flower food per package directions. If properly cared for from farm to florist, peonies will give consumers two to seven days of vase life, depending on variety and stage of development when harvested.

Popular Varieties:

  • 'Coral Charm' - Coral Double Flower
  • 'Sarah Bernhardt' - Light Pink Double Flower
  • 'Felix Supreme' - Hot Pink Double Flower
  • 'Joker' - Medium Pink Double Flower
  • 'Mon Jules Elie' - Pink Double Flower
  • 'Paula Fay' - Pink Single Flower
  • 'Red Charm' - Red Double Flower

BOTANICAL NAME: Paeonia lactiflora (pee-own-ee-uh lak-ti-FLOR-uh)