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Should I make up a sample or two?



Success is being prepared for your DIY undertaking. Unless you have some prior DIY floral experience, we highly recommend that you perfect your designs and skills by doing a trial run or two. By doing a trial run, you gain a better understanding of not only the amount of flowers and greens it's going to take for one of your arrangements, but also the amount of time and effort required.

Pinterest is wonderful for ideas but in most cases isn't anything more than a pretty picture. Pinterest isn't going to tell you how difficult it is to make? Or how long it will take? Or how many flowers it will take to look like the picture?

A trial run or two will answer those questions and more. Please contact us see about purchasing sample quantities. Even professional florists will create a sample to hone the final design.

You may also want to consider a one-on-one consultation with an expert to help with your questions.