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When should I get my flowers?


That question is best answered by looking at what flowers you'll be ordering.

Most flowers are shipped from the grower 'tight' - they travel better when they're in bud rather than in full bloom and they last longer. The flowers we sell are florist grade flowers and vase life is a primary concern. For weddings and events your flowers need to be open and showy so you'll want to get them in plenty of time to process, hydrate and coax them into bloom.

Some flowers, notably lilies, gladiolus and ranunculus can take 3 to 5 days to open where some colors of roses will start to bloom almost immediately after getting in water.

As a general practice, you should plan on getting your flowers the Wednesday or Thursday before a Saturday event. That will give you adequate time to process, hydrate and get you flowers ready to design with them.

We will always review your order and advise you if we think your should get your flowers earlier or later than you specified.