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What does bulk mean?


What bulk means is buying one type of flower in quantity. Associated with a bulk purchase is a discount for limited product handling on our part - it's easier handling a full box rather than a few bunches.

A couple of notes on bulk:

  • Not all flowers are available with bulk discounts
  • Bulk purchases usually require a greater lead time
  • Quite often you won't be able to assort colors in a bulk purchase

Examples of Bulk:

  • Hydrangeas in boxes of 30, 50 or 60 depending on color
  • Carnations in boxes of 300
  • Baby Breath in boxes of 13,14 or 15 depend on variety
  • Gerberas in buckets of 45

We're continually adding new growers so our bulk offerings are increasing. If there's something that you need that we don't offer, please contact us.