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OMG they're what do I do?


We've had countless customers pick up their flowers from the retail partner and ask this very question.

What to know before you get your flowers:
You should do a little homework on the processing and hydration required. A good place to start is here - General Guidelines. From there look to see if any of the flowers need any special care and handling.

Come prepared:
Your flowers should travel to their destination in water if at all possible. If you opted for buckets when you made your purchase, your flowers (except for full boxes) will have already been put in buckets, ready to load into your vehicle. If you opted out of the bucket fee, please bring clean buckets to transport your flowers.

Don't delay:
Get your flowers to their destination quickly. Don't run errands along the way and leave your flowers in a hot car.

Tools and Flower Food:
Have a sharp knife and flower food for your flowers. Please do not use a scissors or clippers to cut stems. Have clean buckets already filled with lukewarm water mixed with flower food according to package directions. Use commercial flower food (Floralife or Chrysal), not Seven-Up, aspirin or the any other countless internet substitutes. Growers and professional florists use commercial flower food, you should too! It's not that expensive and it's proven to work.

Have a team ready:
Your flowers should be processed as soon as possible after they arrive at their destination, so gather your friends or relatives, open a bottle of wine and take care of the flowers!

Well a few hours you can start creating your bouquets and arrangements. Let's move on to design.